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Chief Little Soldier and the North Western band of the Shoshone were at home in Weber County long before the pioneers arrived.

Mill and brickyard where adobe bricks were made from sun-dried marsh mud.

Named to honor Erastus Bingham and his family who were among the first settlers on 2nd Street in 1851.

In the Nineteenth Century, Century Drive at the intersection of West 2nd Street was the location of Sam Gates cabin and the lane that led into the Gates’ farm.

Isaac Newton Goodale, born in 1815, named after Sir Isaac Newton.

Named in remembrance of the Indian camps that existed in the area in the 1800s.

Herd boys were caretakers and guardians of cattle grazing outside Bingham Fort.

Three historic schools have been located on the east corner of Lynne School Lane and West 2nd Street.

Mary Ellen Melling (1855-1940) was a baby pioneer born in Wyoming as her parents trekked from Preston England to Zion in 1855.

There was a large spring of water in this area where the public stopped to water their horses from the 1850s to the 1920s.

Sam Gates was an energetic person with many skills.

Before the settlers came, the Native Americans fished and camped by a large pond that was located on the north side of today’s West 2nd Street.

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